Truck Transportation Merit Badge Class

May 1, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Scout Hut
Truck Transportation Merit Badge Announcement SCOUTS: On May 1st, I will be offering a program which will guide you to earning a Truck Transportation Merit Badge. We will meet at the Scout Hut at 6pm and to work on filling in merit badge Workbook Sheets. The workbook is available online and Scouts can download the workbook form at: We will be finished in time for the 7pm Scout Meeting. An outline of the Requirements is listed in the workbook. This merit badge requires a visit to a truck transportation terminal (see Requirement #4a through e) and we will be visiting a trucking terminal when we know how many Scouts will be participating in this merit badge. There is a Truck Transportation Merit Badge Booklet available at the Scout Shop that has many of the answers to the questions listed in the Workbook Sheets. If you plan on participating in this program, I recommend that you download the Workbook Sheets and start researching and filling in the sheets. PARENTS: Once we know how many of our Scouts will be participating in this merit badge program I will reach out to the parents to ask for drivers from our Scout Hut to a Trucking Terminal to take a tour of their operations. Please call me if you need clarification or further details. Regards. Ross Heaton, ASM (843) 860-3027 – cell (843) 849-8987 – home For more information please visit: HTTP://